Vermiculite 4 Cubic Foot 100L Bag

Product code: B014091

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A lightweight aggregate that can be used in a multitude of construction applications due to it's unique properties

Exfoliated vermiculite is an inorganic, golden brown, ultra-lightweight aggregate ranging in particle size from 50 microns (V0) up to 30mm (V4) granules. The physical structure of the exfoliated granules is like a concertina, with a very high surface area and inter-laminar air spaces which give it excellent thermal insulation properties over an extremely wide range of temperatures up to 1260oC and also excellent absorption properties It can be used in granular or free-flowing mixtures to carry high weight percentages of active chemicals and it is an ideal carrier or low cost filler for many compound formulations.

- Loft insulation
- Packaging
- Loose-pour aggregate
- Backfill for firebacks and boilers
- Firebase embers
- High temperature insulation
- Wicking agent
- Chimney lining