Polyfit 22mm x 50m Coil Barrier Pipe FIT5022B

Product code: L005967

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Plastic pipe and fittings


Polyfit is the one step, fully demountable and reusable pushfit plumbing product, which combines with white polybutylene pipe to create a truly flexible, yet highly secure, plumbing system that is demountable and reusable when required.

The Polyfit system brings extensive benefits:
- One step operation, for quick and easy installation
- Flexible polybutylene pipe, for even the most difficult locations
- Fittings lock tight, preventing accidental release
- Fully demountable and re-usable when required

'Push click', that's it:
The polybutylene pipe is simply inserted into the Polyfit fitting to engage. There's no need to make a quarter locking turn, just 'push click', that's it.

Locked tight:
Polyfit fittings lock tight in one click and can only be released when required, providing both installers and consumers with total peace of mind. Once engaged into the fitting it is completely secure against accidental release.

Fully demountable:
Polyfit fittings have been designed to be completely secure once installed. However, there will always be times when they need to be removed or adjusted, so they are also fully demountable when required.