Instinct 22mm Magnetic Filter INMAG22

Product code: L018495

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Magnetic filters


Magnetic Filter

The Magnetic Central Heating Filter is the ideal solution to costly and unnecessary system breakdowns caused by both magnetic and non ferrous particulate in fluid based systems. Thanks to its innovative triple action magnetic filtration system, it identifies and retains all types of magnetite and non ferrous debris. The Magnetic Filter can be used on all types of central heating systems. As well as being fitted in conjunction with the installation of a new system, the Magnetic Filter is well suited to being retro-fitted to an existing system where the boiler is being replaced; protecting new components and increasing the life span and effectiveness of existing ones.

- Actively filters magnetite and non ferrous debris
- 12000 gauss removable magnet
- Manual air bleed
- Installation/servicing date wheel
- Supplied with a full set of spare sealing washers and ‘o’ rings
- Hard wearing POM non ferrous filter
- Full bore isolating ball valves
- 360° installation
- Effortless servicing and fitting