Indirect Copper Cylinder To Part 'L' 900mm x 450mm (36" x 18")

Product code: L001037

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Vented hot water cylinders


Indirect Copper Cylinder to Part ‘L’
900mm (h) x 450mm (dia)
120 Litres

A cylinder is deemed 'indirect' whenever a heat exchanger is fitted within. This is to say, whenever a heat source is external to the cylinder and utilises a heat exchanger to impart heat to the contents of the cylinder the cylinder is deemed to be 'indirect'.

Although heat may be imparted to the cylinder by a heat exchanger located internally, the heat source is actually remote - such as a gas boiler, solar panel, heat pump, wood burning stove, Aga etc etc. It is therefore deemed that such a cylinder is 'Indirect'.

Indirect cylinders may be fitted with immersion heaters as a supplementary 'direct' heat source but the cylinder is still deemed to be 'Indirect'.

- British Standard Kitemarked copper cylinder
- Fully compliant with all Part L regulations
- Manufactured from Grade 3 copper
- Includes foamed insulation