750mm CB90 Birtley Steel Lintel

Product code: B017993

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Steel lintels


- Length (mm) - 750
- Maximum Opening (mm) - 450
- Masonry Outer Leaf (mm) - 100
- Cavity (mm) - 90 - 110
- Masonry Inner Leaf (mm) - 100
- Lintel Depth (mm) - 280
- Lintel Height (mm) - 106
- Maximum UDL (kN) - 15
- Lintel Weight (kg) - 4.425

- Standard Duty
- Cavity Walls

Birtley Supergalv Lintels:

- The only range of steel lintels, fully hot-dip galvanized AFTER manufacture
- Best corrosion protection on the market
- Manufactured to BS845-2:2003
- Extensive range to suit every requirement
- No exposed edges or welds

All Supergalv steel lintels are protected by hot-dip galvanizing the complete lintel after fabrication. This process out performs all other protection systems by:

- Fully protecting every surface, cut edge and weld with a metallurgically bonded zinc coating, where other systems actually remove zinc during fabrication and do not provide full protection to all surfaces
- Creating a build-up of zinc coating at the most vulnerable points (edges etc.) which are more susceptible to damage on site and are the least protected in other systems
- Depositing a minimum zinc coating thickness of 65um in a metallurgical bond over the base steel
- Optional 'Ultragalv 2000' (U2k) corrosion protection system. This achieves a coating thickness of 150um by shotblasting the steel prior to galvanizing. This is up to 7 times more Zinc corrosion protection than other lintels, and the life of a Zinc coating is directly proportional to its thickness