620mm x 215mm x 100mm Airtec Block 3.6N

Product code: B008539

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Aerated blocks


Airtec blocks possess unrivalled technical properties and physical characteristics. They have the lowest available thermal conductivity values of any UK manufactured block and the tightest possible mortar designation TLMB (Thin Layer Mortar B).

All Airtec blocks are BBA certified, manufactured to Category I standard, ISO 9001 Quality Assured and ISO 14001 Environmentally accredited.
- Inner and outer leaf of external cavity walls
- Internal partition walls
- Walls below DPC
- Acoustic separating walls to Part E of the Building Regulations and Robust Details
- Standard texture finish provides an excellent surface for mortars, renders and plasters
- Very low weight, safer handling, easy to cut, drill & chase. Accepts a range of aerated block light to heavy-duty fixings
- BRE Green Guide A+ rated walls

Dimensions L x W x H mm:
620 x 100 x 215

Compressive Strength N/mm²:

Dry Density kg/m³:
530 (± 50)

Thermal Conductivity W/mK:
0.11 (Protected Inner Leaf (@ 3% Moisture).)

Block Weight kg:
7.3 (Includes additional weight from the natural moisture content of the block.)

Blocks per Pack:

m² per Pack:
7.94 (Includes the conventional 10mm mortar joint.)

Weight per Pack kg:
498 (Includes typical additional weight due to moisture content of packs stored outside.)

Walled Weight kg/m²:
61 (Walled weight os for a single-leaf wall, plastered on both sides. Figures shown are for wall blocks above dpc only.)

Acoustic Sound Reduction Rw:
40 (Sound reduction Rw is based on wall mass and is for a single-leaf wall plastered on both sides.)

Fire Resistance Hours:
4 (Fire resistance periods to BS 5628-3 for a single-leaf, non-loadbearing plastered wall. Figures shown are for wall blocks above dpc only.)

- Below DPC (Only Airtec XL 2.9N blocks are not recommended for use below dpc.)
- Block & Beam Floor Infill (Blocks 7.3N strength or above should be used in block & beam floors with the exception of Airtec Large Format 3.6N blocks.)
- Part E Party Walls (Blocks with a density of 600kg/m3 or above should be used for party walls; pre-completion testing is required.)
- Up to 2 Storey Height (Based on 'rule of thumb' guidelines from Part A of the Building Regulations and BS 8103 'Code of Practice for Low Rise Buildings'.)