4mm x 50mm (8g x 2") Spax Countersunk Pozi Wood Screws Yellow Passivated (Box of 200)

Product code: B030643

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Wood screws


Spax Countersunk Pozi Wood Screws
4mm x 50mm (8g x 2"")
Yellow Passivated
Box of 200

Another quality wood screw from Spax. These high performance screws are designed to be suitable for universal use in wood, chipboard, MDF and light duty metal or plastic applications. Featuring Spax 4Cut points which displace the fibres in the wood, preventing splitting and splintering of the timber even at the edges. This also negates the requirement for pre-drilling (in most circumstances), an otherwise time-intensive work stage. Ground serrations reach down to the point, biting into the material immediately for an easier and more efficient drive. Countersunk heads complete a flush finish. The yellow passivated coating of the screws acts in a similar way to lubrication, reducing the required driving torque meaning you can make more screwed connections per battery charge.

- Sharp 4CUT screw point reduces the need for pre-drilling (wood dependent)
- Zinc yellow passivation for an easier drive
- Ground serrations for quick and secure fastening
- Prevents splitting of the timber when used close to an edge
- Deeply recessed pozi drive head reduces potential for 'cam out'
- Clean countersunk head