Quick-Step Kit Sealant QSKIT07 310ml
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Quick-Step Kit Sealant QSKIT07 310ml

Product Code: T005179

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This elastic, acrylic-based paste is the ideal solution for those spots where you cannot install skirting boards or profiles. It’s available in a colour fitting your floor.

Please use the following matches as a guide only, if in doubt please contact your local branch:

QSKIT01 to match: UF1400, MAP1507, LPU1505, LPU1507, UVG1390, UFW1535, UF1235, UF1300, ULW1535, UL1235, UL1300, TU400, MAP1300, UW1535, U1235, U1300, QSM031, QSG051
QSKIT02 to match: UF1246, UF1248, MAP1283, LPU1283, LPU1396, UFW1538, UF915, UF1163, ULW1538, UL915, UL1163, UW1538, U915, U1163, QST041, QST056, QSG042, QSG046
QSKIT03 to match: LPU1399, EXQ1550, EXQ1551, EXQ1552, QSG045
QSKIT04 to match: UR946, U1014, UF1160, UFW1539, UFW1541, UF860, UF896, ULW1539, ULW1541, UL860, UL896, MAP896, RIC1498, UE1493, UW1539, UW1541, U860, U896, QST008, QST013, QSG048
QSKIT06 to match: UF864, UL864, U864, QSG053
QSKIT07 to match: UF1184, UF1307, UL1184, UL1307, U1184, U1307, QST009, QST015, QST016, QST025, QSG043, QSG052
QSKIT08 to match: UR1035, LPU1284, U1030, UF861, UF918, UF1001, UL861, UL918, UL1001, RIC1415, RIC1429, UE1387, U861, U918, U1001, QSM037, QSG055
QSKIT09 to match: U1012, UF312, UL312, RIC1497, UE1491, U312, QSM057, QSG044
QSKIT10 to match: UF1155, UF1247, UF1402, LPU1397, UVG1391, UFW1548, UF995, UF1157, UF1896, ULW1548, UL995, UL1157, UL1896, TU1298, EXQ1554, EXQ1555, UE1303, UE1492, UW1548, U995, U1157, U1896, QST028, QST029, QSM033, QSM034, QSM058
QSKIT12 to match: LPU1287 LPU1289, U1013, UVG1393, UFW1540, UF1000, UF1301, UF1306, ULW1540, UL1000, UL1301, UL1306, UF406, UF1018, TU1299, MAP1306, UE1306, UE1388, UE1389, UW1540, U1000, U1301, UM1306, QSM036, QSM038, QSM039, QSG047
QSKIT14 to match: UR1032, LPU1288, U1015, U1031, UF996, UF1043, UL996, UL1043, MAP996, MAP1043, RIC1414, U996, U1043, QST004, QST017
QSKIT15 to match: UR1225, UFW1544, UF1305, ULW1544, UL1305, RIC1416, RIC1427, RIC1430, UE1305, UE1496, UW1544, UM1305, QST027, QST030, QSM035, QSG049, QSG054
QSKIT16 to match: UR1205, UF1401, MAP1285, MAP1286, LPU1285, LPU1286, LPU1398, UVG1392, UVG1395, UFW1545, UF1304, UF1384, ULW1545, UL1304, UL1384, MAP1304, EXQ1553, EXQ1556, EXQ1557, UE1304, UE1406, UW1545, UM1304, U1384, QSM032, QSM040

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