440mm x 215mm x 140mm Aglite Ultima Solid Block 7N
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440mm x 215mm x 140mm Aglite Ultima Solid Block 7N

Product Code: B020287

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AGLITE and AGLITE ULTIMA is a range of low density, lightweight load bearing blocks manufactured using a mix of Plasmor's own man-made expanded clay aggregate and other high quality lightweight aggregates. AGLITE is available in a comprehensive choice of sizes and strengths suitable for Housebuilding, Industrial, Commercial and RMI projects.

- External Walls - Outer & Inner Leaf
- Party Walls
- Internal Loadbearing Walls
- Internal Partition Walls
- Walls Below DPC (7.3N Only)
- Semi Exposed Walls
- Suspended Floors - Beam & Block

- Lightweight Low Density
- High Thermal Efficiency
- Fire Resistant
- Good Sound Insulation
- Loadbearing
- Accepts Plaster and Paint Without Bonding Coat
- Low Shrinkage
- Authority
- Easily Cut and Chased
- Excellent Fixability

Aglite and Aglite Ultima are manufactured to comply with BS EN 771-3. Production facilites operate under Quality Mangement Standard BS EN ISO 9001 Certificate Number FM 10847 (BSI Registration).

Properties and Performance:
- Mean Compressive Strength: 4.2N/mm² & 7.3N/mm²
- Dry Density: 4.2N & 7.3N - 1050 Kg/m³
- Thermal Properties: k = 0.32W/m°C. Aglite and Aglite Ultima blocks are Part L compliant. Consult our Technical Department for current thermal data
- Moisture Movement: 0.40mm/m
- Sound Insulation: Aglite Ultima complies with Robust Details E-WM-12, E-WM-17 and E-WM-4. Consult our Technical Department for further information
- Fire Resistance: Aglite and Aglite Ultima are manufactured from Class 1 Fire Resistant Aggregate as defined in BS 5628 Part 3
- Sheer Bond Strength: 0.15 N/mm²
- Fixability: Aglite and Aglite Ultima blocks accept direct nailing and are easy and speedy to drill and plug
- Mortars: Mortar designation 3 - 1:1:6 Lime, Cement, Sand

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