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Water & Fuel Storage

Here you will find the best solutions for all of your water and fuel storage needs. We have put together a range which can meet any need and we think you’ll find the perfect product to suit you.


In an unvented system there is no cold water tank, instead the cylinder is fed directly from the cold water mains. Types vary, so to narrow your selection choose from the links below.


If your hot water or heating system has a cylinder you will need to know the difference between the types if you are making the purchase decision yourself. Always involve an expert if you're not sure. MKM can help with selecting the product and may be able to recommend an installer.

Within our Plumbing and Pipework category you'll find a huge selection of pipes and fittings for your project. With products from the industry's leading plumbing brands, you can rest assured that MKM can supply your next job.

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The majority of oil tanks are bunded. This is a secondary wall around the tank to prevent the leaking of fuel into the environment.

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Looking for the best tool or fixing for the job? Browse our online collection, or if you're looking for something specific, your local branch is on hand to help.

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Water storage solutions need to be effective, reliable and fit for purpose, which is why we have a huge range of varied tanks, so you get exactly what you need.

From cylinders (vented and unvented), to immersion/electric heaters and cold water or fuel tanks, we have the full selection.

If you’re a pro, you probably know there are lots of types of cylinder; but for those with less experience, there are a lot of options. These include single coil, pre-plumbed, heat pump and solar. We stock a complete offering, so you review, compare and then choose the best for your needs.

Whether you purchase an immersion heater, fuel or cold water tank, you’ll likely need some extras. We have all the plumbing and pipework accessories you’ll need too, so you can get everything at the same time.

Not sure what accessories go with which storage tank? Not sure which type of cylinder you need? Just ask one of our branch experts for some advice.