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Convert your bathroom to a wetroom with ease – we have all the inspiration and expertise you'll need to do the job right. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, or for improved mobility and access, a wetroom places the shower centre stage in your bathroom. In this section, you'll find everything you need for your wetroom renovation.

Wetroom Tanking Kits


A new wetroom isn't the easiest of installations. Use our categories to browse and read through our available help and advice. Our branches are always on hand to offer additional help, through from the selection of the right products, to tanking of the room and installation of all of the plumbing.



Naturally with the installation of your wetroom you'll require at least one shower, and many designs encompass two showers into the space. With new choices and developing technology in showers there are plenty available to choose from depending on your budget.

Our in house designers can help plan your dream bathroom, shower room or wetroom. Planning around convenience will ensure your room is perfect for your whole family.

...Read more about planning your bathroom with an in branch designer

Efficient heating of your wetroom will aid the drying of the room. Browse our bathroom heating category to discover more about the best options for your space.

...Heating your wetroom

Make life easier for yourself by keeping your tools in check and ensuring you have the right kit to complete the job. Find your essentials at MKM now.

...View plumbing & heating

Wetrooms are bathrooms with an open shower – there are usually no partitions or raised sections, allowing you to effectively use the entire room as a shower space. These are perfect for small bathrooms that can't fit a bath or shower tray, or for those with mobility problems who require easier access to the shower.

A wetroom area can also be created in a larger bathroom, using just a couple of simple partitions to section off a portion of the bathroom for use as a wetroom with a walk in shower. Perhaps a second bathroom could be converted to a wetroom, leaving the master bathroom with a more traditional style.

At MKM, we pride ourselves on having an extensive and diverse range of options for bathroom renovation, so you can create the ideal wetroom with all of the features you require. Showers are available in a wide variety of styles, including traditional mixer taps or minimalist and modern monoblocs, digital displays, a range of heads and hoses, and options for all pressure levels.

Without a shower enclosure, your floor will need to be fitted with a tray and waste suitable for a wetroom, and appropriately waterproof tiles will be required. We offer wetwall shower panels in plenty of décor styles, and a number of drainage options.

Don't forget to get in touch with the experts at MKM if there is any aspect of a wetroom conversion that you are unsure of – you can even drop in to your nearest branch to see some examples in person, if you need some help making up your mind.

If your bathroom lacks the space for a proper shower enclosure, if you are in need of improved accessibility, or if you just like the idea of doing something different with your bathroom space, then a wetroom could be the choice you have been looking for.