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Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Taps

Although they're often overlooked compared with bigger fittings such as baths, sinks and cabinets, choosing the right bathroom taps can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of a space. There are more options for taps than you might think; take your the time to browse through our range.

Taps for Basins at MKM


The type of basin you choose will lead your choice on basin tap - a counter top basin may require stand mounted or wall mounted, while a traditional basin is likely to have a single or double tap holes.

Bath Taps at MKM


It's becoming increasingly popular to have thermostatic mixer taps with your bath, however we still have plenty of options of more traditional double tap hole options as well as variations with shower head additions.

An interior designer will always say to make a difference with the items in your home that you touch, a designer tap is an excellent talking point.

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For a contemporary look stand alone baths and counter top basins are a trending feature. These will often require a wall or floor mounted tap option.

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Traditional swan neck sink taps sit alongside our popular pull and spray options, find yours at MKM

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Picking out the right taps might not be top of your list when you're doing a big bathroom redesign, but there's a greater variety out there than you might realise – and some of them can add a lot of character to your bathroom. With our huge selection of basin and bath taps, you're sure to find the perfect accompaniment to your bath and sink!

Normally the first choice when choosing a tap is whether you want a pillar (pair) or mixer arrangement. Pillar taps means there are two separate hot and cold tap heads, while a mixer combines water from the hot and cold pipes into a single spout.

Also known as monobloc systems, mixer taps usually have a lever control that can simply be turned left or right to control the temperature of the water. They're popular for baths and basins, as it's easy to set the desired temperature. Some even have shower functionality: however, note that your house needs to have a high pressure water system for these to work.

Pillar taps might be slightly less convenient, but they're inexpensive, easy to fit and they're ideal for anyone seeking a classic, traditional look in their bathroom that mixer taps just can't achieve.

A third system is dual flow taps, which combine the two: the hot and cold water flows are controlled separately and kept separate in the tap, but are released as a single stream of water. This can be an ideal solution when you want the effect of a mixer tap but you have unequal pressure between the hot and cold water supplies.

Most modern taps use quarter-turn ceramic disc valves, which not only make it quick and easy to reach maximum water flow, but also help to prevent leaks. Whatever effect you're going for in your bathroom, selecting the right taps can add the perfect finishing touch.