The Green Deal
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Green Deal

The Green Deal

The Green Deal

Typical Home ImprovementsThe Green Deal

The Green Deal is a government led scheme helping both homeowners and businesses make energy-saving improvements

These improvements can be made to your home or business without having to pay all the costs in advance.  The Green Deal works as a loan, not a grant, so the cost of improvements is paid back over time through instalments added to your electricity bill over a period of up to 25 years.  The incentive is that the savings on energy bills should cover the repayment of the loan.

You can choose to pay for improvements in advance using Green Deal providers and certified installers.


How can I become a Green Deal provider or certified installer?

A Green Deal provider is a middleman organisation who can arrange any improvement work outlined in an advice report to be carried out, they are also responsible for setting up Green Deal funding on behalf of a householder. 

They must be authorised and must also meet a minimum period for warranties:



To become a provider you must take a ‘fitness test’ before you can get authorised, download the PDF below for more details. To become a Green Deal installer you need to contact a certification body, to do this visit the Green Deal Approved website.


Green Deal Solutions

The UK has some of the oldest housing stock in Europe, as mentioned above there are several energy-saving improvements to be made under the Green Deal.  The characteristics result in higher energy bills for householders, colder and less comfortable homes and higher carbon dioxide emissions.

Green Deal was launched to encourage people to upgrade their homes with insulation, better glazing and more efficient boilers, this can be costly and so Green Deal providers can offer a loan to households for the improvements they need.

It has been estimated that household bills will be £160 lower per year than they would have been by 2020 according to the government.


Green Development at MKM

MKM is moving forward with this phenomenon through working with suppliers to help us provide you with the most current eco technologies focusing on these specific areas:

At our Glasgow branch we have taken these areas and developed them into zones, launching as the Green Room in early 2014.

We have been working closely with suppliers to provide alternative and cost-effective solutions. We want to provide our customers with top quality products to help the UK become a greener part of the planet.

Not all products can be utilised within the Green Deal but there are many more which can assist in saving energy and money.

Being green isn’t a choice it is a change we have to make, see below for our Green literature to learn more about these topics.

The Green Room