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Give your outdoor spaces a visual lift while building a strong and stable boundary around your property with our tough and functional ranges of garden fencing supplies. Built to last from quality timber and concrete with designs that will stand the test of time, we have everything you need to deter trespassers and give your garden that irreplaceable feeling of quality.

Take a look through our selections of fence panels; fence posts, caps and gravel boards; and fencing boards and rails. Each one is ready to treat or paint, then install – whatever the size or shape of your property or boundary.

View our products and select your nearest branch to find timber fencing supplies near you, then sign in to view stock nearby. If you have any questions, be sure to contact our experts.

Garden fence supplies

All MKM’s fencing supplies can be collected near you or delivered fast. They are priced competitively to help you get more garden for your money too. Coming in a range of treatments and pack sizes, view the range below and find the right fencing for your garden.

Garden fence panels

The face of your fence, our garden fencing panels are made from quality woods. They are secured together with durable fastenings and have double slats that are kept firmly in place by a tough frame. This means they can stand up to all weather conditions over the long term.

Available in 1.2m, 1.5m, and 1.8m lengths, they can easily conform to any outdoor area, and many come pressure treated to give them even greater lifespans. We trust them so much we offer a 20-year anti-rot guarantee on all our garden fence panels.

Perfect for painting, treating or simply left as they are for the ultimate in low maintenance, we have timber fence panels for every garden. Log in or choose a branch to find fencing supplies near you, available for collection or delivery today.

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Why choose garden fence panels?

A must-have for any secure and stable perimeter, garden fence panels let you quickly and easily erect a lasting boundary – perfect for enhancing security and privacy.

  • Hard-wearing – Made from quality timber
  • Pressure Treated - Reducing maintenance
  • 20-year anti-rot guarantee
  • Delivery available – Choose your time

Garden fence posts, caps and gravel boards

MKM has all the fence posts, caps and gravel boards you need to bring lasting organisation and protection to your garden. If you are building a concrete fence or are opting for timber fencing supplies, our range has all the parts you need to ensure a quality job well done.

We have both concrete and timber posts – perfect for all garden styles and building requirements. Our timber supplies come in several treatments that take the effort out of painting your garden fence before putting it up. And for protecting your fencing from moisture, damp and rot, we also offer concrete gravel boards that will raise your fence off the ground and reduce the need for a costly replacement later down the line.

Whatever posts, caps or boards you’re looking for, we have concrete and timber fencing supplies near you, ready to be rapidly delivered or collected in store. Just sign in, browse the catalogue and check your local branch to view stock near you.

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Why choose garden fence posts, caps and gravel boards?

Garden fence posts, caps and gravel boards are all crucial parts of any effective fencing. Their tough concrete and timber fence designs keep your structure solidly upright and protected from the elements.

  • Durable – Quality timber and concrete
  • Multiple treatments – To suit your style
  • 20-year anti-rot guarantee
  • Delivery and collection – Choose your time

Featured fencing supplies

Unsure which fencing supplies you need for your garden fence project? Explore our featured ranges and gain inspiration. Just bear in mind that whichever fencing supplies you choose from the MKM branch near you, all will provide security and peace of mind.

At MKM you’ll get…

MKM leads the UK in bringing quality materials and building products to the public and trades. We’ve been around for over 25 years and our fencing supplies are built to last, just like all our ranges. Coming with all the great features you need, you can feel safe and secluded in your outdoor area.

There are over 80 branches to choose from – find timber fencing supplies near you, explore our range or contact our experts to have your questions answered