Paving setts bring a traditional, countryside feel to any outside area around your home. With MKM Building Supplies’ range of granite setts, as well as porphyry and manufactured paving stone, you can give your drive, paths, and porches a beautiful appearance that lasts a lifetime, thanks to the quality stones we use for our setts. Designed geometrically, typically in roughly hewn squares, paving setts are a versatile type of stone. Smaller than flags and squarer than cobbles, they’re not as uniform as other forms of garden block stone. This means that our granite setts are a good choice if you want to give your home, garden, or entranceway a more rustic feel, such as if you own an older home or want to give a newer property that classic appearance. Our granite setts for driveways and gardens come in lots of natural colours, so it’s certain you’ll be able to find colours to match your existing garden décor and the colour of your house bricks. Black and grey granite setts combine their rustic block aesthetic with a more modern colour choice, while neutrals, reds and oranges are on offer for anyone searching for that quintessential paving sett look. Browse through the range below and be sure to use the search filters to suit your project specifications, letting you find the right block paving setts quickly. Whatever your project calls for, however large the area being paved, we can help, with large and small packs, a selection of granite sett paving shapes and sizes, and fast, free local delivery. To take a look at the price of granite setts in your local MKM branch, all you need to do is sign in and select your store. If you have any queries regarding our ranges of block paving setts, then be sure to contact our team who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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