Zanussi Appliances

With over 100 years of clever ideas, we’ve gone the extra mile to make our new Bright Range better than ever, in true Zanussi style. With innovative features for everyday ease, Zanussi appliances give kitchens the 5 star treatment. And with tried and tested tech, consumers get a reliable pair of hands around the home to help brighten up their day.

No more scrubbing with Pyrolytic SelfClean

The oven’s pyrolytic cleaning function turns grease into ash. It does this by locking the door and heating the cavity to around 500ºC, removing any leftover residue. Once finished, and the oven has cooled, the ash can simply be wiped away.

Cooking made Simple with AirBreeze & Hob2Hood

Quietly refresh the air in your kitchen at the touch of a button with AirBreeze. The hood gives off very little sound, working discreetly in the background so it won't overpower your conversation. With Hob2Hood technology, the fans overhead will adjust on their own based on your hob's settings. As you cook, the fans will speed up or slow down to match any temperature changes you make.

Smarter safer boiling with BoilAssist

Hobs with the BoilAssist function detect rising bubbles as water nears boiling point and automatically reduces power to a gentle simmer.

Crispy food made simple with AirFry

The new AirFry oven comes with a specially designed tray with holes in the base, allowing for better air circulation to deliver crispy food without the use of oil. It’s the simple way to make healthy food with a tasty crunch!It’s simple to use too: set a time for the AirFry to turn on or off, and stay in control throughout with the precise LED display.

Hydrated. Healthy. With TwinTech® No Frost

Our Bright fridge-freezer with TwinTech® No Frost technology uses two separate independent cooling systems one for the freezer, one for the fridge. By ensuring optimal humidity in the fridge, it never needs defrosting.