For over 125 years, the Bosch name has been synonymous with engineering excellence. Our home appliances are renowned for their quality, reliability and performance. As you would expect from Bosch, there are no gimmicks or frills with our products – just pure, clean lines and beautiful, functional simplicity that will enhance any kitchen. Want to know more about the home appliance solutions Bosch has to offer? Submit an enquiry through the Appliance Enquiry Form below and view our content on the Blog at the bottom of the page.

4D HotAir

Excellent for every day cooking. Cook on up to 3 shelf levels simultaneously without the mixing of flavours. This function distributes the heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven, allowing you to cook both sweet and savoury dishes at the same time.

Home Connect

The future has arrived and it’s knocking on your front door. Home Connect brings smart technology to your appliances and lets you control them with your phone, voice or tablet. So, whether you want to turn the oven on to cook your dinner when you’re on your way home, or create that perfect morning coffee, you’ll be in complete control.


Deeper storage for larger food items - the high-walled 26cm storage drawer is perfect for stacking frozen goods, ideal for batch cooked foods and can even store the Christmas turkey!


Store your fruit and vegetables safely to lock in the freshness and keep food in a perfectly controlled enviornment with an adjustable humidity setting.

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