AEG Appliances

We exist to redefine what you expect out of your household appliances, which is why we want to challenge the boundaries of everyday life. Since our start in Berlin in 1883, we've never settled for good enough, and we don't think you should have to either. That's why we never compromise with innovations for your home. So you can live on your own terms, while also living up to the terms of the environment. And care less, to care more about the big picture.

Claim up to £500 Cashback

You can claim up to £500 cashback When you buy 3 or more AEG appliances for your kitchen (including an oven and a hob). This promotion runs until 30th November 2021. For more details click the button below.

Download AEG Brochure

Download the AEG brochure to browse the full kitchens and laundry range available at MKM. Please speak to a specialist at your local branch to find the right appliance for you and to order.

Welcome to the AEG Smart Kitchen

Get the most out of your experience by connecting your AEG appliances. Our smart products make your everyday tasks both easier and more convenient. You are able to adapt your appliances with your personal preferences.

Our WiFi connected oven features an internal CookView® camera located in the handle with a clear view into the oven cavity. It’s wirelessly linked to the My AEG Kitchen App and allows you to watch a live feed of your food being cooked that you are able to see wherever you are.

Make cleaning effortless with pyrolytic ovens

With one touch of the pyrolytic self-cleaning function, dirt, grease and food residue in the oven is converted into ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth. Why not consider an oven with this capability within your next kitchen.

Boiling water, under control with SenseBoil®

The Boil Sensor detects rising bubbles and automatically adjusts the temperature settings, reducing it to a controlled simmer. No more monitoring. Saving both time and energy.

Lifts gentle to a new level

ComfortLift® revolutionises dishwashing with the world’s first lift-and-load basket. This advanced mechanism lifts the rack up to a comfortable height. For easy loading and unloading. Elevating the dishwasher to a whole new level.

Hob2Hood - Cook without distractions

Our Hob2Hood technology automatically controls your cooker hood and lights. It means you don’t get distracted by trying to regulate the fan when you’re at crucial cooking moments But if you’d rather adjust the fan speed yourself, there are manual controls on the hob too.